Foyer decor ideas

There’s nothing quite as impressive as a striking entryway. Consider the entrance foyer design your opportunity to sweep guests off their feet. A foyer is an entryway to a home. A beautiful and well-organized foyer will make a home feel more inviting. But knowing which steps to take to get the job done may not seem obvious. Foyers have both utilitarian and design roles to play within a living space. The utilitarian aspects of a foyer include storage and security space. Design-wise, you can set the tone of an entire house right at the entrance while still providing visual privacy. This transient place is ideal for displaying a sleek console table or a statement mirror, a bold picture or sculpture, or an ornately tiled floor with a dynamic colour palette. Use this superior foyer area design to add exquisite décor accents that will boost your home’s overall ambience. Here are a few ideas for moder foyer decor. Check out!! 

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