Onyx stone interiors

Onyx is a beautiful fine-grained stone with distinctive patterns and comes in various shades of yellow, brown, green, black, white, red and more. Onyx is a semiprecious variety of agate with different colors in layers and intricate patterns that enrich modern interiors. One can easily say that onyx is a material used mostly for interior decoration, specially when the image of luxury and glamour is to be transmitted. Being more expensive than marble onyx is a soft and fragile stone prone to staining. It is also rare, which makes it a solely decorative material that we’d recommend using in low-traffic areas and surfaces and only for display purposes because otherwise stone is really high-maintenance. Backlighting works wonders for onyx walls and countertops giving you both a sight to behold and dim ambient lighting. Here area few ideas for onyx stone interiors. Check out!! 

Onyx stone interiors Onyx stone interiors Reviewed by Aparna Decors on May 26, 2022 Rating: 5

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