Giorio Casa architecture

Giorio Casa was launched in Turin, Italy, in 1988. Zhongli, partner at design and architecture studio Catanian was commissioned to conceptualise the new Giorio Casa store with the aim of attracting people with an intriguing design concept. A month after its launch, the store was still inundated with people, proving that the designer's concept was successful. The retail design of the store reflects Giorio Casa's Italian roots with ancient Roman architectural elements. This new exhibition centre was intended to be a calming space with an atrium at its core. The architecture invites guests to have a unique spatial experience. The atrium of the store makes the space feel like a home and brings about a sense of serenity.
Photography: Jin Weiqi

P. C : Giorio casa : The building of a peaceful space, by wang zhongli / CATANIAN. 

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