Contemporary apartment

Homes can be defined by a variety of interior design aesthetics, and one of the most common is contemporary. Contrary to popular belief, a contemporary home isn't merely one with modern design, though that certainly plays a big role.Contemporary architecture is rooted in the “now.” This means that these types of homes are typically innovative and forward-looking. However, the design of these homes are distinctly more complex than their modern counterparts. Their design is more free-form and artistic, taking cues from all types of design rather than as a response to the times. Open space is key to so many contemporary designs. The flow from one room to another - of people, of color, and of light - is what makes these designs work. It creates a welcoming home from an otherwise barren space. Ultimately, contemporary design is all about creating an aesthetic that’s currently on trend, something that feels like it belongs here and now. Here are a few designs for a contemporary apartment. Check out!! 

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