Sofa/lounge chair

A lounge chair can be your perfect companion when you want to rejuvenate your mind. The lounge chair is the piece of furniture that makes its presence with a regal appearance. Upgrade your living space, balcony, hallway with the elegant lounge seating. These chairs are comfortable to sit with a long back and headrest that provide enough support to the back. Be it working, reading, or enjoying a glass of your favorite drink; you can lounge on these chairs at any part of your room. Get fully upholstered chair to give your home a traditional and cosy appeal. Experiment with different colours, prints and fabrics and pick the chair that matches your decor. A good lounge chair will be comfortable, but the perfect lounge chair will enhance your decor and embody your design goals, all while inviting you to relax. Here are a few designs for modern lounge chairs. Check out!!

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