Wabi sabi interiors

Wabi Sabi is a concept that originated in Japan it opposes many typical decoration rules. The idea disregards absolute symmetry, and the need for perfection in everything. Wabi refers to living with humility and simplicity while being at one with nature, while sabi is defined as the ability to accept the lifecycle of anything as it is—flaws and all. The concept of wabi-sabi finds its roots in old Japanese traditions. It embodies the true spirit of Japanese designs, lifestyle, philosophy, art, culture, and personal feelings, all in one. Wabi sabi philosophy actually came to be as a reaction to various trends that relied on lavish depiction of interior design - trends that focused on heavy ornamentation and detailing, and the usage of rare, and often non-environmental friendly materials. Here are a few designs for wabi sabi interiors. Check out!! 

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