Open kitchen designs

Along with the arrival of the modular kitchen, the concept of open interiors design for kitchen has also taken centre stage. When you have so much space to work with an open island kitchen is the best option. Open kitchens also boost functionality with a spacious island. Most are typically tricked out with cabinets, a sink, and an eat-in counter. Lastly, open kitchens are usually equipped with lavish features from double door refrigerators to double ovens. Gone are the days where open kitchens needed huge space, with modern kitchen cabinets, space-saving units, even a small space can be used to accommodate open kitchen areas. Open kitchen helps create an illusion of space and adds depth to your decor. And if you still love a bit of isolation, you can always make a demarcation with fancy partitions or breakfast counters. Here are a few designs for open kitchens. Check out!! 

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