Bedroom decor

Small bedrooms usually require extra consideration and a clever approach to decorating to be successful. Living in a small space l requires a little bit of extra thinking and creativity. You have to consider things like smart storage solutions, how to arrange a tight space, and how to determine what deserves a spot in your home. When it comes to storage in a small bedroom, shelving and extra rails will always provide you with extra places to pop your belongings. Making sure that clutter is off of the floor is something that goes a long way when you are considering new small bedroom ideas. Having drawer storage under your bed is a great, especially if you lack closet space. Instead of a gallery wall, which can make a small space feel too busy, opt for one large framed work of art. It adds personality to your room, without overwhelming it. Position the majority of furniture on just one wall, preferably the wall you see less of when in the space to stop it feeling overcrowded. Here are a few designs for small bedrooms. Check out!! 

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