White marble kitchen

One of the most popular natural stone materials for countertops, marble is light, strong, heat-resistant, and offers a timeless elegant quality than few other materials can match.Marble is a stone that is especially beautiful as a kitchen countertop or backsplash. The weaving black lines against a soft white surface are intriguing to the eye. What’s wonderful about marble is that it’s incredibly versatile. While there is no doubt marble is gorgeous, we would be remiss for not letting you know it is a bit high maintenance. Marble has plenty of pros. Marble is heat resistant, it is a lot softer than good old granite. Marble has endless variations because of factors like where it’s sourced, its impurities, patterns, colors and veining. Colors can range from white to black to pink to green. Here are a few designs for marble kitchens. Check out!! 

White marble kitchen White marble kitchen Reviewed by Aparna Decors on May 16, 2024 Rating: 5

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